Monday, June 30, 2008

Doing Sillyness - Quiz of Lo-ove !

I'm doing one of those quiz thingies. I figure it might answer some of your questions, if you've got some. It's about my sweetheart. :-D ooh la la!

1. What is his name? Adam Stephen Rowley*
*(that's Row - lee, in case you need some pronunciation help. Definitely NOT Rowl - ee, just Row - lee. It's English for a rough field, a meadow, a "lee." And now you know. By the way, J.K. Rowling's name is pronounced "Row - ling." Row, row, row your boat. Or think of Rowley Pole-y. Alrighty, good chap. People in the ward are STILL pronouncing our name wrong. And there is another set of Rowleys in our ward. We hang out with them. They are fun kids!

2. How long have you been married? We are celebrating 2 years on Sept. 2nd.

3. How long did you date? We started dating around April 22nd or so. I met him around January at an ice skating activity, although he tells me it was much later, like Feb or March. We knew each other through friends, and we also got more acquainted at a movie party at Stephanie Bennett's house, probably in March. Most everyone was watching "National Treasure," but I had to leave soon, but in the meantime, I was putting a puzzle together in the adjacent room, but still talking to people in the other room. Weirdo. Weird puzzle addict, that's me!

4. Who eats more sweets? Depends. I eat more chocolate chips, and he eats more bowls of ice cream. ;-)

5. Who said I love you first? Adam did. We were watching t.v. (possibly CSPAN) and maybe giving each other a kiss or two. It was very sweet. Of course, I said I love you back and then he said to only say it if I meant it, so maybe I didn't sound sincere, but I definitely meant it. :)

6. Who is taller? Adam is taller. I'm 5'7'' and he's got to be around 5'10'' because he's still taller than me when I'm wearing heels (maybe I've shrunk!), but he says he's 5'9''.

7. Who can sing better? Me, but I love singing with my hunny bun. I wish he would sing more. :) Makes me happy. Sometimes he plays the guitar and sings "Rainbow Connection." And "Hey Delilah."

8. Who is smarter? Probably Adam. I feel like a dum-dum. Heehee, okay, he's smarter when it comes to computers, politics, law stuff, t.v. trivia, and he's also pretty good with physics and math problem-solving. I've got a little more astronomy know-how, singing and dancing ability, and I'm pretty good with the math, science, and biology skills.

9. Who does the laundry? I do the laundry most of the time. I don't mind. It's the dishes that bother me. And no dishwasher. :( Boo hoo!

10. Who pays the bills? At the moment, I pay the bills. I use the ole online bill-pay and it saves me time and a stamp or three. Good ole bill pay. Once Adam is done with school, hopefully he'll be making some money and then I can use his money to pay the bills. ;-)

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you’re looking at the bed, Adam is on the right.

12. Who cooks dinner? Adam does probably 60% of the time. He's a great cook! We both love to cook and sometimes like to make things together, like delicious cheesecakes and Swedish meatballs and chocolate souffles, it's ALL good!

13. Who drives? When I was working, I was driving a lot, by myself, to work. And then Adam would drive us to church on Sundays or to the occasional restaurant or movie. So I drive on weekdays, and Adam on evenings and weekends. I figure he needs the practice so he doesn't forget, and it's a nice break for me.

14. Who is more stubborn? I can be pretty stubborn. And Adam can be pretty stubborn. But only every now and again. We're pretty easy-going 90% of the time.

15. Who kissed who first? Adam kissed me first. It was May 7th, early morning, and we had been hanging out and watching t.v. He moved in slowly, cue music "smooth operator." It was good times. :-*

16. Who asked who out first? Adam asked me out first. In the past, I had not been shy and had probably asked 70% of the guys out that I dated. It usually strains the relationship though (whether or not the guy wants to admit it), so it was good that he asked me out. (But I wasn't just going to be sitting at home doing nothing!) Adam took me on the best first date EVER! We did TONS of stuff, went to delicious dinner, went to Cold Stone, saw a movie, went to Dave & Busters and played at the arcades, then back to my place to watch the National Geographic channel and a cool show on Ancient Egyptian pharaohs. We stayed up til two talking and watching t.v.

17. Who proposed? Adam. I thought he was going to propose on July 4th when we were watching the fireworks on top of the parking structure at Disneyland. It was okay, though. (I don't think he had asked my dad yet anyway.) He proposed after we went for a walk around the Newport Beach temple on July 9th. It was awesome. He proposed and I was so happy and I said yes. I gave him a big hug and a kiss, and then he asked, "You said yes, right?" He was so nervous, he didn't even hear me answer. It made me laugh!

18. Who wears the pants? Both of us at different times, but I don't mind if Adam wears those "pants." (Skirts look better on me anyway. Figuratively and literally. Adam liked that I was "feminine" and wore a lot of skirts. It was one of the things that he said attracted him to me.)

So I'm supposed to tag people and tell them to fill this questionnaire out on their own pages, but do it if you feel like it, I say. I'm not gonna call any of you out, and I'm sure that those of you that like to fill these things out naturally will.

I hope you are all having a good day!

Pictures from Christmas and St. Louis

Yes, I'm a little slow. But things are going to change. Lately I have been making some promises to update friends on what Adam and I are up to. Well I keep my promises, so here's what's been up with us. For the past 6 months or so!

We went to St. Louis and enjoyed Christmas with the Rowleys. Here are some pictures from our adventures. We did the Nativity Story and it was so much fun. I can't remember who was what, unfortunately, but I think Adam and I were either shepherds or angels. Elizabeth-Ann (Adam's sister, standing next to me) put these pics up on facebook, and I'm glad she did because I wanted a copy! Thanks Liz!

And of course, here's us being silly! ;-)

We also visited the Arch and the Lochs on the river. Here are some fun pictures of our adventures.

In the above picture, we are on the steps of the arch. In the front is Adam's brother Nathan, orange is his favorite color! From left to right is Adam's dad, then me and Adam, and Michael, Adam's younger brother.

Here's Adam in the airport terminal, using his Archos, like a mini t.v. with a huge hard-drive for lots of storage. We were probably watching "Harvest Moon," the Family Guy spoof on Star Wars. We also enjoy watching Arrested Development, the t.v. series, and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, on Adam's Archos. Good times! Don't forget the headphone splitter! It is the perfect airport toy, and you can use it on the plane!

Back to the Arch, it was a little stormy that day. Here's the arch from below. :) So big and majestic!

The design of the arch is just like a famous physics problem, the hanging rope/chain, aka catenary curve, just inverted. There was a contest for the design of the arch and in the end, Eero Saarinen won in 1947.

Making our way up the steps... soo many steps. Feel the burn! R to L: Adam's mom Anne, Michael, and Adam.

Here's the Mississippi at its usual lower level. Recently Adam's parents were telling us that the water is as high as the steps that we were climbing. It has completely flooded the parking lot and the road below, as well as the riverboat platforms for some of the casinos on the river. Crazy!

My artsy photo of the gateway arch, along with bronze plaque.

We had to wait in line for awhile, but now we're so close to boarding the pods, we can almost taste it! Nathan and Adam.

About to board through pod door three! Looks like we're on a space ship or something. Maybe a Disneyland ride, like Space Mountain. Or Space Tour!!!

The pod is here! Isn't it so sixties mod?? Very visually tickling. I like the backlit lighting. But a little sterile. Good ole sixties mod.

Boarding the giant egg. The pods can only hold five at a time, so we had to split up. But we're ready for a rockin' ride. "You rockin' rocket rockers!" (Quoting from the new Space Mountain. A little rockin' clicheed.) But the pods really do "rock" as you go up the arch. Hope you aren't claustraphobic!!! Or agoraphobic! Or acrophobic! But you don't really see down as you make your way up. Just when you are looking out the windows at the top!

Nathan makes the best faces. :) And Adam, you are looking hot! My hot sexy lover!

The big payoff! Looking at the bird's eye views of St. Louis.
The courthouse where the Dred Scott case was heard.

The Cardinals Stadium. (Trivia: Did you know that the Cardinal is NOT the state bird of Missouri? False advertizing, man! Anyway, it's the bluebird. The Bluebird of Happiness.)

More of the city and ...

... the river.

The top of the arch is not very big. It's probably just 15 or 20 feet from one side to the other. Here we are enjoying the view from both sides.

...onto the Lochs!

It was cold and windy, but it was awesome. We got to walk out near the lochs and boats and ride up an elevator to the top floor and watch the boats go up and down. Technology is amazing! Watching the boats was amazing!

Me and my baby.

Cold noses!

A five segment barge, and a beautiful sky.

Watching a boat go up, and the seagulls are swarming!

Such interesting lines. Such a big structure.

It's a long way down into a cold river. Don't drop your camera! (Adam's dad and brother.)

Adam's getting into the exhibits at the museum. Going ludicrous speed! Aaaaaahhh!!!

Thanks for tuning in! More pictures (and more recent pictures!) on their way!!!


Danelle and Adam ;D