Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bare Minimum

My astronomer friend Kevin would always say, "The C gets the degree!" But seriously, we were all too nerdy to be pulling C's. However, I'm pretty sure none of us (except Ryan) had the 4.0 thing going on either.

This post is all about the bare minimum, because although Adam just worked a miracle and got Adeline down for the night again, she will probably be crying again in the next hour, so I must hurry and only post the bare minimum. Also, I am on a slow slow computer, so I will only be able to upload a few pics too. Thwarted on every side. But not in dispair... something like that. If I remember my bible. Barely.

I am going to update you to my situation first. I don't really sleep anymore. Even if I get the chance to sleep, my body doesn't want to do it. I am trying not to take on any more projects, because I already have so many that I haven't finished. I meant to make a bag and pillows when I went fabric shopping with Amy before any of us had kids. I still have not even cut out the pattern of the fabric, let alone started to sew it. This bums me out a little. I also have projects that are half-way done, and I'll probably be lucky to finish them in the next six months. But I know that I am getting better at doing things faster. I cooked dinner, I did the dishes, took off the bedsheets, washed the laundry, and put away a bit of laundry tonight, when I probably wouldn't have been able to do all those things before, in that amount of time. I also fed Adeline, both breastmilk and solids, tried to get her down, etc, all in that same amount of time. I have to see progress where progress is made and not be bummed that there is still so much left to do.

I REALLY wish I could find the time and the selfishness to exercise. I would love to be back at pre-pregnancy weight, and then onto pre-marriage weight. That would be swell. I should forget about sewing and crafting and focus on this. But looks and body shapes are so fleeting in this life, and the older we get, the more of an uphill battle it becomes. It is a source of strife for me. I'd rather focus on the things that are more lasting. Even if it is a fun craft that I give to somebody, like a card or a delicious recipe. Woe is me.

Oh, I've been reading Hugh Nibley. I have REALLY been enjoying it. He writes exactly all the things that I am so interested in. It's that Egyptologist/Biblical Archeologist in me!

Adam is doing great. He is really on his game as a 3L, and he will graduate in the spring. He is waiting to hear back from the Air Force JAG program, which we hope he will get accepted into. We don't know where we would be stationed. Things are still up in the air. Adam is the president of the Federalists Society at Wash U and he loves it. He has been able to plan and carry out fun debates and activities with delicious food, which he gets reimbursed for. His law school friends are very fun, and we karaoked with some and went to a Jainist festival and Hindu temple with another. I wore a sari! And probably looked like a dork! haha! Adam loves playing with Adeline. She is so fun. She was so giggly tonight. Adam is especially happy about the elections today and tonight, and he just loves watching all the results come in.

Adeline is a sweetheart. She laughs so much, and I was just realizing while I was playing with her today that she is like a fun toy that I get to play with ALL DAY! It's great! But on the other side of the coin, if you play with a toy for more than five hours a day, you get tired. I am tired. Adeline still has energy, and I just have to put her in her jumpy gym where she bounces like a banshee and wails and makes a racket and has the time of her life. And we just kind of shift her from toy to toy, mat to shakey chair. It's getting kind of ridiculous. And I bet that she'll be crawling soon. How I need to steam these carpets! They are disgusting! She was trying to gum them the other day and I was SO GROSSED OUT! Anyway, another project. Hopefully this one shoots to the top of the queue, it's important!

Okay, some pics of things we've done lately. The bare minimum. The highlights.

I finished ONE project. Of 100! I guess I should be happy.

Our darling Adeline was a cute little monkey for Halloween! Maybe I'll post some pics from Trunk-Or-Treat. Like, in a million years!

Adeline likes eating people food. And giving us the smileys!

Adeline had a happy 1st Halloween!

Adam made a lovely spinach and applewood bacon quiche. It was to die for!

Adeline and Mommy went to a spooky Mommy N Me.

Mommy felt the need to dress up like a tiger (for Halloween)

Family photo at the St Louis Zoo

Adeline is building up some nice leg muscles from playing all the day in this jumpy gym. Worth every Craigslist penny!

The end! Wow, I did it! Thanks Tuesday!

Updating on a Tuesday

Wow, I seem to only get in the mood to update on a Tuesday. What is it about a Tuesday? I also just paid some bills. I don't usually keep track of the day of the week, but maybe I tend to pay bills on a Tuesday too! Tuesday, you seem to be a productive day for me. But I still wish it was Friday!


Updating My Blogspot

How many entries do I need like this? Don't you love how I always say, "I'm going to update soon, sure I am!" But seriously, I hope that I do. I am thinking of fun things to post. But it is like so much of my life, a pipe-dream. Only 10% of what I want to do gets done. Maybe I need an assistant like some of these other friends who are teasingly asking for one on Facebook.

I am grateful that Adam is taking Adeline right now, so that I can even write how someday I will update this blog. Thanks Adam!

That's all from me. Adeline's doing great, although we're trying to figure out the whole get-her-to-sleep-in-her-crib thing, and the get-her-to-sleep-for-a-long-time thing.

Love you all. Thanks for reading. I do in fact read your comments. Maybe it's half-a-year after the fact, but I DO read those comments!

Love, Danelle