Monday, December 26, 2011

Stuck In A Moment And Stress For The Future

Song that describes my life right now: Stuck In A Moment by U2. Please pray that Adam can get a job and that I can get more sleep at night.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas From Us Rowley Polys!

Merry Christmas! I could only send out an e-card with photo this year, stamps and photos are expensive. Although... I did send cards back to people who sent them to me - don't want them to lose hope in me returning a card. And we also sent some to immediate family. But not with photos, just Christmas cards I/we made in our card club where we make and exchange cards. Too much explaining.


Significance behind photos:

The first photo is one of my favorites of the year. Adam and Adeline just look marvelous. And also I had to crop out a huge herd of deer that we had followed across the street! The lighting was beautiful, the sun was low behind the green trees and it was near setting. Taken just this September. (Taken by me.)

Another one. Lovely lighting. Lovely deer. How can you not like that?

The second picture you might remember from Halloween. Adeline was being a wild woman and was trying to wriggle free and jump out of my arms. I love the look on her face. She was being a Bee from Pushing Daisies and I was the bee keeper, aka Chuck the Dead Girl. Watch the show, it's great and it's on DVD. I'm grateful to say that I think Adeline liked her costume. She certainly wasn't trying to pull it off all night, so that was a bonus. The wings did start to bug her a bit, but luckily they would just pull off and velcro back on. Simplicity. (Taken by Adam, at the peak of the action! I'm pretty sure he's a better photographer than I am.)

The picture in the bottom corner is from our lovely August/September roadtrip out west, and this is Imperial Beach in California, right above the Mexican border. We look great! The horizon is a little crooked, but I'll take it! (I had put the camera on top of a piece of propped-up driftwood. Taken by: A piece of driftwood, aka "makeshift tripod.")

The picture in the top corner is our most recent family photo! Hurrah! We look awesome! I still have yet to post these photos in a blog or on facebook. Meh.

This is my favorite long one from our most recent family photo. We are on the back deck at Mom and Pop Rowleys, many thanks to Grandma for taking the photo. I love the bright red Maple? Japanese Maple? tree in the back that was still super-red for awhile so by the time I got my bum in gear to take these photos, there was still some of the pretty autumn color left. Hooray for Mother Nature!

We're cracking up!

We took a photo around the Christmas tree tonight that turned out really well (also taken by Grandma) and it will be THE photo that helps us remember what Christmas 2011 looked like. I am hoping to print out photos of Christmases past and put them in a big frame together that I can whip out every Christmas as part of the decor. Wouldn't that be lovely? Wish me luck in this endeavor! I have too many things on the back-burner as it is.

And now you know too much.


P.S. Great Christmas Photos from 2011 for posterity.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Leave it to ThinkGeek to sell one of these sweet babies. I love my ROMP! And so did my physics students. They liked to play with the magnetic pendulum. I mean, who wouldn't? There is so much crazy stuff going on here!

ROMP (Random Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum)

This also gave me an idea for what to update the blog name. Now you might notice it's not "Adam, Danelle, and Adeline" anymore, now it's Rowley Poly Romping. The Poly is to help people realize that maybe they've been pronouncing Rowley incorrectly. Roe-Lee. I hope that might clear up any confusion.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby Picture Sidebar Lusting

This is probably one of my more trite posts (okay, stupider), but I want to get one of those cool baby picture sidebars that show what Adeline looked like at 1 month, and 2 months, and 3 months, ... and a year, etc. Those are sooo darn cute! I'll have to get on that!

I don't know if it will happen anytime soon. And I want it to be PERFECT. I want to pick the perfect photos, and also do the detective work to make sure the picture I'm posting is true to the age, because a lot of my photos are just kind of mashed together in the same "summer2010" folder, so it could be a range of 4 months or so. I will probably end up spending WAY too much time on getting it right, and it will probably be viewed by no one but me. Ah, the curse of perfectionism. I'm on a slow recovery to being more realistic. I think that having kids especially forces that upon a person. I know just getting the blasted thing done, albeit a little bit crappily, but not wasting too much time on it, is key. That must be my mantra.

Other wrenches in the works are that I'm still trying to make Christmas presents for people, and I'm helping to watch my sister-in-law's children and help make dinner and unload/load the dishwasher and watch my own little one, get caught up on my blog posts (I've got a great Six Flags one that's almost done!), and also I'm trying to add musical numbers and performances, and THEN Physics and Calculus tutoring into the mix. I don't know if I'll be able to pull it all off.

I guess I should really focus on the things that will help make us money, the tutoring. We are in need. If we want to be able to have just enough to help us move to whatever magical spot that Adam will get employment, we will be needing a few more thousand dollars. If anything, the move we did from California to Missouri showed us that moving is NOT CHEAP. We spent at least $4,000 on the moving van and the diesel gas. Ahh! The gas was a nightmare! It was the summer of 2008 and diesel was peaking around $5.00 a gallon, and the moving truck got barely 10 miles to the gallon! Horrors! Horrors!

I think we realized that in that case, it would have been cheaper for us to sell or donate a lot of our furniture and then buy it when we got here in St Louis, for those insane prices. Yeesh.

I still want my picture sidebar! Will someone make it for me for Christmas??? Pretty please?


Sunday, December 11, 2011

August in Missouri - Six Flags with the Rowleys and the Welshes

Six Flags? Yes please!

We had so much fun. It's safe to say that at this stage in Adeline's development (she was 15 months) that she loves playing in those water fountains that shoot up like snaking water streams! We played in that thing for awhile. We also rode some rides! Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe how much she LOVED the Ferris Wheel!

This is the best photo of us, taken by Cam! (He's seven. Haha!)

Just look how excited we are to go to Six Flags in Missouri.

Now you know why they call it Six Flags.

What it feels like to park a car at Six Flags.

Taking our own photo at the entrance of Six Flags. Adeline loved the water and there are so many wonderful things to look at.

Adeline is taking in all the scenery.

A great Daddy-Daughter photo in front of the mammoth Ferris wheel.

Walking with family to the rides.

Photo with family in front of Mr Freeze! An excellent ride.

A game of Peekaboo with Grandpa by the Scooby Doo ride.

Adam and Adeline admire the Ferris wheel. Fun structure. Love the black and white.

Adeline's getting excited!

Up, Up, and Away!

Seeing the Ferris wheel afresh in the eyes of a child. (Because, let's face it, as a ride they are pretty lame. Except when your child LOVES them!)

More cool structural black and white photos with Adeline enjoying the Ferris wheel.

Look at all that contagious joy and happiness. :-)

Onto splashing in the water fountain!

Potty break. Haha, picture of a toilet!

What cool thing could they possibly be looking at???

Now we're riding a train? Will the fun never cease? :-D

I love Adeline's WOW! face! She just totally drops her jaw!

Such a cute one of Daddy. Rrowrr! Foxy man!

Onto the next attraction!

Waiting in line.

Mommy and Adeline go on a spinning ride together!

Spinning in the "hot air balloon" is fun!

I love the look on Adeline's face. Pure excitement!

Time to play in the fountains again, this time with Mama.

We are getting super soaked!

We are making the same face!!! :-D

Dad goes down a slide with Grandma and Uncle Nathan while Adeline and I take photos of them!


Aunt Sarah and her kiddos!

And I took soo many photos of a bunch of strangers for about 15 minutes! (it was a lot of photos to review!), but I somehow missed some other people in our party. Sorry! I don't know what happened!

I think this was the third time we rode the Ferris wheel. Adeline just couldn't get enough!

Finally, Adeline wears herself out at the theme park. Time for a nap in Daddy's arms! Awww.

Goodnight sweet Angel!