Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Pictures!

We had our baby! She is a sweet angel that likes to sleep lots and lots! Her name is Adeline and she was born May 16th, two days early from my due date!

But tonight she is busting my chops, and not sleeping like the typical angel she is/was. She just would not go down. Adam tried many times, then I tried some times, then Adam gave up and went to bed because he has to work in the morning, and I kept trying and started praying, and then started crying. I wonder if I will ever get up to 8 hours of sleep a night ever again... If I can get six, I'm pretty happy. Last night, I got 1. 1 hour. I got a couple more somewhere between 7am and 11am. Anyway, life just sucks right now. It's how it is. I will look forward to when Adeline sleeps through the night.

That's my life. I know many of you have already experienced these baby hardtimes, but that doesn't make it any less sucky for me. The end.