Saturday, October 25, 2008

Danelle the Dragon

I made a new blog where I'm putting papers and information from my masters program onto the site. Feel free to give me comments and feedback on my papers. I'm certifying as a secondary science teacher and also certifying as an instructional technology specialist and many of my classes have an emphasis of bringing technology into the classroom and overhauling the curriculum, rather than just trying to map old curriculum onto new and available technologies. One of the papers discusses wikis in the classroom.

I like being a Drexel dragon. :)

Playing in Forest Park

I really love Forest Park. I'm grateful we get to live so close to it and it motivates me to get outside and enjoy it.

On September 1st, the day before our second anniversary, we got to go to the park with Anne, Nathan, Sarah, Matt, Gwendolyn, and Campion. We had fun flying kites, playing ball, playing card games like Guillotine until it got too windy, walking, and riding bikes and scooters. We walked over to the Jewel Box building and it is very beautiful. I was just reading more about it at the Forest Park website.

I forgot how much fun flying kites is.

Go Campion!

Go Adam!

Nathan and Gwendolyn were also doing a fine job of flying those kites. (I thought I had pictures of them, but I don't know where they went.)

Playing some ball.

Gwendolyn flying her kite through the game. :)

Nice one, Nathan! Quick, someone catch that ball in the air!

"We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher."

"We want a batter, not a broken ladder." Taunting is the best.

Time for a walkabout.

A pretty and swampy pond.

This dragonfly was TOTALLY posing for a picture. He even kept flying back.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial.

A beautiful fountain and gardens by the Jewel Box.

I love the circling staggering effect of the flowers.

These types of flowers are so alien and exotic-looking.

This bowing sunflower is bigger than my head!

Stop to smell the roses.

The Jewel Box. I love Art Nouveau.

A beautiful waterlily pond adjacent to the Jewel Box.

It reminds me of Monet's many water lily paintings.

Walking back to the cars.

Seed pods in the shape of hearts? How romantic.

My plan is to take some artsy sepia pictures of various parts of St. Louis and then frame them somewhere as art in our house. Maybe it will happen...

Join us next time for Balloon Races!