Friday, January 31, 2014

At 37 weeks now


This photo is me at 35 weeks. I'm excited to meet this little lady. Adeline's pretty excited, too. We are going to have lots of fun! (And lots of no sleep!) Party!

That's all.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas, New Years, and Goals

Hello everybody,

Here's what's up:

-I am 8 1/2 months pregnant (and really starting to feel it). 1.5 months left. (Because you deliver full-term when you are ten months pregnant. Ten months of gestation.)

-We aren't in Albuquerque anymore, we've been in Jeff City, MO, since June. Unpacking was a beast. Adam went to work immediately so the task of unpacking was left entirely to me. And I had just discovered I was pregnant the week or two before the move, so I was very pregnancy-exhausted (as well as exhausted from packing and moving) and barely staying on top of simple things. I really burned out. There are still boxes in the house today. Our basement is kind of moldy smelling and yucky, and we have some garage space, but it smells like stale cigarettes. (Not as bad since my mom and dad lent me their ozonator, but I need to do another treatment. It still stinks.) And I'm scared that things could flood down there and I don't want my photo albums or clothes in storage ruined. So a lot of boxes have been hanging out in corners in our bedrooms. I am finally overcoming my fears of flood (so far so good, and we had A LOT of rain recently, and no problems) and have really made some big unpacking progress in the last week.

-I have been having fun with my little girl and just in the past week I have been getting her room looking great. (I didn't want her to be jealous of the baby nursery, and her room needed less work, it was a good place to start.) And the nursery is well on its way to looking great for the new baby. Adeline never had a very good looking nursery. I do know that kids aren't picky, but since I'll be in that nursery an awful lot, it will be a nice place for me to feel recharged if it's looking good, with good stuff on the wall for me to look at while I breastfeed for multiple hours a day. I want it to almost have a spa-like feel so it can be a retreat for Mommy and her mental health, rather than an afterthought and a place where I dread to go for endless feedings. Hopefully I can work on my room, too. (I am envisioning a seaside, beachy feel and I want to make some shell artwork in watercolor and ink to hang on my walls. Maybe make some drapes like I did in Adeline's room with graphic star fish and nautilus shells. Really live it up finally and have a cute room for once, for minimal cost.)

-I am having fun with my husband. We have been able to do more regular dates since I am swapping voice lessons for baby sitting with a lovely young woman in my church ward (I'm LDS). We love hitting up Saturday matinees. Gotta see the movies now before the baby comes. We've seen Hunger Games, we took Adeline to see Frozen, and we were hoping to see The Hobbit sequel today, but maybe we'll get to do that next Saturday. There is only one movie theater in Jeff City, so that is funny. I guess there were more, but they closed down before we moved here.

-I have a new calling, and it's stressing me out a little. It's called Home Arts and I only have to do four activities a year, but they are three hours long on Saturday and require a lot of planning and a lot of delegating. I don't want to flake and I don't want anyone else involved to flake, but it's hard and stressful to me and I will have to be calling a lot to make sure people are on top of things, are planning their part of the activity, and don't forget. The calling is interesting. It is to help people who don't really know how to make a shopping list, how to price compare, how to cook quick, healthy, good meals, how to budget at all, how to sew, the very basics of things that can save A LOT of money per year in the home. And it's a little ironic that I am teaching it, because I'm sure I have HUGE gaps in my knowledge in addressing these things. The first activity is scheduled the same week as a ward party and a Relief Society activity, so I don't know how all that will work. If we delay too long, the baby will be here. I haven't called anyone yet to get them signed up to teach the shopping section, or the cooking section, so I really need to do that today or tomorrow. Maybe I can do it tomorrow in person. That would be good. Blah, so much work. It will be rewarding, but gah, hard to stay on top of and it will be stressing me out.

The first activity will be about how to shop and cook good cheap meals, and we will even take a little field trip to the nearby grocery store. We'll look for sale deals and hopefully everyone will learn how to compare pricing by ounce to make sure they are getting the best deal. Then we'll head back to the church and we'll cook a meal from start to finish, and talk about how to stock up a good pantry so you don't always have to be going to the store to cook up a good meal (I learned that trick from Rachael Ray). We'll try to cover it all in three hours. I will present one of those things, maybe the stocking the pantry and making shopping lists, while I need to delegate the field trip shopping to someone, and the cooking the meal from start to finish to someone else.

I also hope to do a thing where there are "doorprizes." There could be a bucket full of 25 lbs of flour that could last someone for cooking for awhile, or a nice pan that they might be needing, or things along that line. Stuff that people might need but can't afford. We have a few single moms in the ward and they need assistance.

Those are some of the things I am thinking about. I am also thinking about how I hope to deliver a healthy child, but you never know if the baby will survive the full pregnancy, or delivery, or have health issues. Luckily the baby is kicking strongly right now so my mind is at ease that it is still alive at least, but I feel too hot at night and I wonder if that's cooking my baby's brain and making its IQ drop, or that I'm not peeing very much at night and how that could be adversely affecting the baby. I drink lots of water, but it's a cold winter here and the heater running is really drying out the air and drying me out. I'm A negative in my blood, will my body attack my next baby during pregnancy and kill it? Will this be my last child? Lovely things to think about. I would rather be prepared than blind-sided, so I think about a lot of the possibilities so I may be a little more prepared if I have to deal with them.

Well I need to hang some drapes in my room. And maybe get to work on that artwork. And get to work on finishing Adam's Fathers Day present, a fun Monty Python clock. Yes, Father's Day was back in June. It was close to the week we moved. And I never got the present done. It's bumming me out, and it's the one thing he asked for and he would love to hang it in his office and enjoy it, and it would bring me such joy to finish it. I just want to make sure I do it right and I have made some recent progress on it. I also have some Christmas gifts to finish, our car had major issues from November on through December and it sucked a lot of my present-making time away, as well as tons of doctor's appointments, some lasting about 4 hours because of inefficiency. Things have stolen a lot of my time, and I'm not about to stop having a life just so I can finish some gifts. I am going to enjoy some time with my family doing fun things or else I will burn out. But I really hope to get those niece and nephew gifts made and when the baby comes, send out some nice baby announcements. And write Thank You cards to the people who I need to thank for things, and make phone calls, and all that stuff that I think about but never seem to find the time to actually do. I need to finish a cute baby blanket (three, actually) and maybe even make one for my baby that is coming soon!

My goal is to try to stay on top of things as much as possible, but also prioritize and get the most important stuff done. I think this past year actually helped me to do that a little. I stayed on top of dishes and keeping my little girl happy and healthy at the expense of getting all the way unpacked and making the house look good. The living room looks fine and that's where we do all our entertaining anyway. I don't spend too much, I especially hardly ever go clothes shopping, or if I do it's at the Goodwill, so budgeting is not too bad. I know I spend too much on food, but I get tired during the week and pregnancy just sucks the life out of me, so we go out to eat occasionally, but usually with a BOGO coupon so that it ends up being a lot cheaper than it should have been.

Okay, I gotta go. I gotta take out the garbage, it is stinking up my nostrils. The kitchen isn't far from the living room where I am sitting typing on a laptop, and that garbage is getting ripe. (Is it sad I'm a little mad that I blogged all this, and just didn't go hang those drapes and get my room looking good? I am really headed towards hermitsville, I hate having to blog because it always gets long and it always takes too long. I hate calling people. Timesuck. But I gotta stop thinking like that. I actually called five people yesterday. Yay, me! And I enjoyed it!)

Have a great day! My husband and girl are back from their shopping trip and so it's time for me to play with them.

That's why you're really here, let's be honest.

Easter in Albuquerque at our church. Adeline was being a little stinker and really didn't want to be photographed.

Kentucky Derby Day! With homemade non-alcoholic mint julips. She didn't mind the photos today.

Aaaaand I hope to get more family photos up. Just a few all the way to Christmas.