Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moving to Missouri

What an adventure. I had never driven anything so big. We did drive a moving van from Anaheim to Riverside when we moved in 2007, but this was definitely a big change. We drove a big diesel beast and it was the height of a semi. We had to climb two steps to get in. I took some pictures of the crazy move.

The dash on the passenger side.

Making our way through Arizona. Some big bugs met an untimely end on our windshield.

Checking out the traffic behind us in the gargantuan side-view mirrors.

Such a good driver!

Watching a beautiful sunset ... in the side-view mirrors.

I love the reflected light off the side of the van.

Night-driving and cool squiggly lines.

We were soo hungry when we got to Albuquerque, NM, but it was past eleven p.m. and everything was closed. Fortunately we found a Sonic that was close enough to walk to. It was delicious for a late dinner, and delicious for breakfast. Mmmm Mmmm. There were some lovely white bushes there too.

Views of the enormous truck in Oklahoma.

More night driving. The way the truck was rhythmically bouncing, the dash lights look like spirographs.

A truck passing us in the dark.

I like these pics of the cars and the street lamps blurring.

Just so you know, Oklahoma has some of the crappiest roads EVER! We were bouncing all over the place. We thought something might be wrong with the truck or trailer and had to pull over to check it out. Nope! Nothing wrong, just crappy roads with seams everywhere creating bouncing over 40 mph. Oklahoma! Fix your roads!

The next day ... Near the OK and MO border, there is a McDonald's that is built on a bridge that covers both sides of the freeway. We made a pit stop there and Adam got us some Bluebell ice cream that many people rave about. It was good, but nothing to write home about. Adam says, and I quote, "Overrated." (The bridge McDonald's that semis were zooming under was REALLY cool, though.)

Inside the McDonalds looking down.

It was hard to get a picture of, but there were cars and semis zooming 'through' this building.

ARGH! We had finally crossed into Missouri, and then a driver going by gave us some big signals that we were in big trouble. I nodded and pulled the moving van and trailer over onto the shoulder right by a freeway on-ramp and got out to find the problem. One of the tires on the trailer had blown and was shredded. It's a good thing that there was a tire right next to that one on the same side, or else we might have been worse off. We called for assistance and we were told it would take about 90 minutes for help to arrive. Unfortunately, it took longer than that, but he found out that a tire on the other side of the trailer was going bald and replaced that too! I love problem prevention!

The annoyance of inconvenience. And waiting for help to come. And waiting... and waiting...

Adam's Archos is great! We listened to Michael Medved and then watched some Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

Pulling off at the first available spot.

Lovely fields nearby.

Being bored and playing with the Sepia feature on my camera.

We went back in time!

We could make old-timey Pioneer Village pictures, for a lot less! (Guess we'd just have to rent some costumes. haha, Adam would LOVE that... not really.)

Hooray! Help is here! And we don't even need to take the car off of the trailer!

So later on as we were nearing St. Louis, I found a place to fill up and then I saw this compatriot. Moving with a big van with a car attached. Except this guy put all of his house plants into his car. This just made me laugh. That's a lot of houseplants. He must be a collector ... of house plants.

We had been making excellent time before our flat... but then we still weren't doing too bad and we had almost reached St. Louis ... and then we hit TONS of traffic. Traffic that wasn't moving. It was VERY frustrating. Darn St. Louis freeway construction and stand-still traffic.

We finally got off the freeway and took an alternate route that Adam's mom gave us. :-) Finally safe and sound in St. Louis!

Visiting Arizona

My sister Jarilynne lives in Arizona. I love to visit her when I can, and luckily we had a little time before our move to visit some spots. We had a great time. Usually it gets to be over a hundred degrees by 8 or 9 am in the summer, but the monsoons were coming through. It kept the temperatures down one day and we got to go to the park with Mark, Alexander, and little newborn David. We shot marshmellows both large and small. The larger marshmellow shooting gun was great, but I had bought the cheap kind of marshmellows and those were jamming up the works.

Alex and Mark had made marshmellow blow guns that work with small marshmellows, and the best part is that you can shoot them at people's faces. They like to blow marshmellows into each other's mouths. Totally cracked me up!

We appeased the nearby ants with marshmellows.

Jarilynne demonstrating the marshmellow blow gun, made easily enough from PVC pipe.

Cute little David.

Alex found a great stick for a sword!

Shooting marshmellows into each other's mouths and laughing.

Mark giving his mom the bunny ears. Mark is so tan. He's been swimming in contests and been winning first place. What a great swimmer, and he's only 8!