Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick Update - No pics, sorry

Today was such a great lazy day. I have a week and a half left working at Virbac and with my sister-in-law. My boss let me stay a few weeks longer to help her with stuff, after my sis-in-law came back from maternity leave. That was very nice. But I only have about four weeks left in my pregnancy and I am ready for a break. Soooo ready. I took the day off because I haven't slept well the last couple of nights and I was feeling run down. I took lots of naps on our comfortable couch. Hooray! But back to work for me tomorrow. Thus far I've been able to gestate AND work, which has been a blessing.

Let's see, other news... along with all the pregnancies in my ward, in my family, and among my friends, there is also some other exciting news. Tons of my family and friends are also getting married this summer! Makes me wish I had some money so I could fly out and enjoy all these weddings. Congrats to all you engaged people out there!

I can't remember if I wrote this yet, but we are thinking of naming our baby Adeline. :-) We are fans.

I've done some sewing lately, which I've been proud of. I made my sis-in-law a nursing cover and a car seat tent. Awesome!

I am looking forward to our fun summer plans. Adam has a paid position now with the Tom S chweich (for state auditor) campaign. Adam's finals are coming up, and then the baby is due May 18th, right after finals. We are glad it worked out that way, but then again, you never know if a baby will come early! My parents are coming out to visit right before my due date and my mom will stay and help for a little while, while we adjust to being new parents with new duties. Adam will also have a great summer internship at Scott AFB and continue to work on the S chw eich campaign over the summer.

We are going to visit Utah in June. We are planning on blessing our baby on July 4th at the Lindell Ward in St Louis where we go to church. Then the Rowley family campout will be coming up, and we'll have it in Missouri with the immediate family. We also hope to catch a shuttle launch at the end of July. :-) Before the program ends. sniff sniff.

Something I discovered at work is that Google Reader is accessible and not blocked! So I can catch up on friends' blogger posts! Hooray! (But Blogspot and Facebook themselves are blocked.) So it's been fun being able to catch up a little with what people are doing and to read what they are posting. Okay, I probably shouldn't be doing that at work, but I need a break every now and again from other things I am working on. I'm typically a hard worker. I work hard and I play hard. ;-)

That's it from me. I need to get to bed. Hooray for sleepies!
Love, Danelle